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When the founder of Irresistible Vegan approached SASSO, her brand was still an idea. She had a clear vision: become a leader in the vegan community. She needed a visual identity that would achieve that goal.

We developed an inviting brand identity for Irresistible Vegan, including logo and packaging design, keeping the founder's Jamaica roots and commitment to healthy living at the forefront of all creative.

A Plantiful Plate

Our strategy was to promote Irresistible Vegan products as a healthy alternative that doesn’t sacrifice flavor for both plant-based eaters and carnivores. We tied in the origin story to exude flavor across all branding. 

Feel Good Food

Cooking brings people joy. We drew inspiration from Irresistible Vegan recipes to establish bright brand colors and inviting imagery to create a visual identity that would pop off the shelf.

Irresistible Vegan logo
a logo for healthy flavor heavy family recipes for everyonea zero animal cruelty logoA jamaican born american made logoa feel good food logo
a tasty bean cuisine logoa healthy and simple logoa stamp with the words no - meat treat for a more plantful plate
a woman's hand holding a bag and an orange shirt for Irresistible Vegan

Bringing the Brand to Life

We developed an array of product labels and packaging designs to accompany the variety of flavors displayed in Irresistible Vegan products, each with its own personality and flare.

Three bottles of Irresistible Vegan's sauces: Tangy Orange Ginger Teriyaki Sauce, Spicy Mustard Curry, and Spicy Tomato Turmeric