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When Dr Pepper commissioned local artist Becky Fos for a painting for the 2020 College Football National Championship, they wanted someone who could highlight the unique energy of New Orleans and bring fans together ahead of the big game.

SASSO stepped in to raise awareness throughout the Crescent City with a New Orleans-inspired campaign, encouraging people to find the painting and create user-generated content with a unified hashtag. Our plan drove sales and grew local activations through signing events that invited thousands of fans to local retailers.

Dr Pepper Tells a Story

A video exploring Becky Fos’ relationship with New Orleans and her inspiration for the National Championship painting served as the core of our campaign for Dr Pepper and helped strengthen her connection to her fans.

Reaching the Fans

To help the conversation spread, we used social media ads to promote the video as well as multiple signing events with Becky Fos’ in New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Targeting both football and local art fans, our Becky Fos video created a conversation about both the Championship and the painting across Facebook and Instagram.

Bringing People and Product Together

The third tier of our Dr Pepper campaign used promoted Facebook Events to drive fans to Becky Fos’ signings at 14 grocery stores across New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Fans flocked to these events to meet Becky Fos and get their free signed print of her painting. The response also drove more people into local grocery stores, promoting the sale of Dr Pepper products, which were built into each event’s display.



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over 2 weeks



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