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Many women who experience fibroid pain don’t recognize the symptoms, and if they do, they don’t always speak up. Instead, they struggle silently in pain. USA Fibroid Centers wanted to change the narrative around Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) and empower women to advocate on behalf of treatment options.

Black and African-American women suffer from UFE at two to three times the rate of other racial groups. Our strategy was to develop a platform that would empower more women in Black communities to raise awareness about UFE and seek treatment options in targeted locations.

I Have a Right

SASSO based the foundation of our messaging strategy on the concept that these women deserved a solution to their pain, using phrasing like “I have a right to be brave” and “I have a right to be informed.”

Fibroid Fighters

We established a powerful voice for our USA Fibroid Centers campaign by partnering with influencers who have a strong appeal to our client’s target audience. Each of these women have suffered from fibroid pain, giving them a genuine and relatable testimonial to share with other women.

The Secret is in the Creative

SASSO developed additional creative assets including print ads, billboards, social media content and digital ads. We then initiated campaign media placement in New York, planning subsequent markets to roll out in Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington DC, Boston, Philadelphia and other key cities to maximize our return.

Fibroid Fighters

Captivating Testimonials

The core deliverables for our USA Fibroid Centers campaign are the testimonial videos we produced with our brand ambassadors. We created multiple video variations to share impactful messaging across TV and social media.