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Already one of the largest community banks in the country, b1BANK has big ambitions. After a significant leap in size with multiple acquisitions, their goal of growing geographically across key Southern states needed a marketing growth plan just as big. However, with all the pending growth, they still wanted to keep both their consumer and business banking clients engaged as they look to new future clients with clear goals to grow brand awareness and deposits. Above all, b1BANK's mission was to keep banking simple, and it was crucial for that message to resonate effectively. Their primary challenge revolved around finding a clear and concise way to communicate this to the audience.

Through our research and understanding of the banking and financial landscape, we knew that pairing the right celebrity brand ambassador would help separate b1BANK from the competition. We took that insight and created multiple campaigns and other creative content featuring NFL legend and entrepreneur, Drew Brees, who fit right in with b1BANK's DNA. We then strategically disseminated this content through a diverse array of media channels, employing a data-driven approach to optimize its placement and maximize its reach.

Authenticity WINS

Aligning Drew’s authentic story of being a b1BANK client created a platform to deliver our messaging and connect with people.

Driving brand awareness

b1BANK needed visibility, so we hired Drew. b1BANK’s partnership with Drew Brees gave them the perfect opportunity to create a brand awareness campaign designed to capture attention in Louisiana and Texas.

getting drew out there

With a deep understanding of b1BANK’s target markets and media landscape, our team placed media across TV, social, digital, outdoor, print, radio and more to capitalize on our campaigns.

relationship banking

One of b1BANK’s core values is developing relationships with their clients, employees and communities, so to build a sense of community online, SASSO developed and executed a detailed social media strategy and content plan.

In the Business of Banking

To highlight the variety of business banking expertise, we produced a B2B focused video, featuring clients in construction, agriculture and technology and small business owners.

A collection of B1 bank employees doing different tasks