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Skylake Ranch was once a small brand with big goals. The family-owned company was ready to evolve into the contemporary marketplace and expand beyond California, but they needed to demonstrate that they were ready to compete on a national level.

We created an established brand look through modern graphic elements and specialized messaging to bring individuality to each product while creating an overall cohesion in the brand now known as Skylake Ranch Pomegranate Provisions.

a national voice

SASSO explored minimal type and pattern design styles combined with custom illustrations to achieve a clean, elegant and modern design.

Telling Typography

To convey the quality of their farm-to-table products SASSO used artful typography to call out important selling points directly in the product labels. We also wrote an updated brand story and usage statement to give more personality to the products.

A Pomegranate Flight

SASSO developed an expanded color palette for the labels for Skylake Ranch’s full product lineup to create a distinct and consistent look, making future product design much more streamlined.