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The brothers of Sugarfield Spirits distill the southern soul of Louisiana into spirits, wine and ciders. In order to become one of the largest distilleries in the Southern US, Sugarfield Spirits needed to connect with their local pride, while also gaining national appeal. Their recent distribution deal with one of the largest distributors in the US meant Sugarfield needed to tell their story, broaden their reach and create an affinity for their brand.

We found that the special ingredient was the brothers’ care and attention to their craft as they developed a superior quality tasting experience. SASSO developed a strategy to ensure that when anyone tastes Sugarfield Spirits, they can expect real Louisiana ingredients and flavors. The brand voice grew through the development of their website and social content marketing. Using vibrant photography and storytelling, we have been able to establish Sugarfield as one of the fastest growing liquor brands in the region.

Symphonies of Flavor

The brothers, Thomas and Andrew, believe every spirit is a symphony, so we first worked to capture the beauty of Sugarfield Spirits and the passion they feel for classic, timeless distilling processes.

capturing the essence

To better share the story of Sugarfield Spirits, we created effective sales collateral, engaging social media content and a modern new website. We also crafted a collection of Sugarfield recipes to encourage customers to engage more deeply with the brand.

sharing their story

We also create social media content aimed to showcase their cohesive brand identity and educate customers on their product offerings. Our content invites new and existing customers to appreciate the art of distilling and tasting spirits, ciders and wines.