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In recent years, Louisiana has had the highest number of flu cases in the United States, despite them being readily available with or without insurance coverage. This can often be explained by the negative perceptions of vaccinations as a whole. The Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) needed to increase the number of flu vaccinations and limit flu-related hospitalizations by reaching the unvaccinated population.

SASSO executed the largest flu campaign ever implemented in Louisiana. Inspired by the passion and spirit within our home state, our campaign was designed to empower residents to get vaccinated as a way of helping out their friends, family and neighbors. We enlisted members of the community to represent the vibrancy and diversity of Louisiana and demonstrate how easy getting vaccinated can be.

Roll Up Your Sleeves, Louisiana

Not everyone feels comfortable receiving a vaccine. Our discovery process for LDH sought to dispel common myths and challenges that prevent people from getting flu shots. We found that Roll Up Your Sleeves, Louisiana! inspires Louisianans to take action. Because more vaccinations means a better flu season for Louisiana.

Rolling the Camera

We knew the imagery was going to be key to expanding our impact. We captured a collection of colorful, attention-grabbing photos and videos to appeal to LDH’s broad target audience and represent Louisiana’s diversity.

Scroll-Stopping Ads

We developed social media ads to encourage more residents to roll up their sleeves, with ad links connected to resources on the LDH website. This helped to educate Louisiana citizens about flu shots and their accessibility and motivate them to get vaccinated.

Taking it to Louisiana

In order to achieve a larger impact throughout the state, our extensive market research led us to develop a plan that incorporates a wide mix of digital billboards, bus wraps, transit, radio spots, TV, social media video and display ads and YouTube video ads.



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achieved the highest
vaccination rate in
louisiana history