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With 100 years of energy and infrastructure project experience, Bernhard serves clients across a variety of industries including healthcare, education, government and industrial. When Bernhard launched their Energy-as-a-Service solution, they needed a marketing team to help simplify this complex array of services to build awareness and appeal.

We know that clear and engaging video content is key to delivering complex information. SASSO created a series of videos to position Bernhard’s Energy-as-a-Service solution clearly and effectively. We also executed a media plan to reach this narrow audience segment.

Defining the Complex

When Bernhard announced a partnership with Tulane University to help build a more energy-efficient campus, we needed to illustrate how the relationship works. This video will serve as an educational tool for the partnership with Tulane as well as evergreen content that can be used to form additional energy partnerships.

a map of a city with a lot of buildingsa Tulane logo with a green and white shield with a green arrow on top of ita building with a solar panel on top of it with the words: "Project Rise. Renew. Innovate. Sustain. Engage."an image of a group of animated people surrounding a device that says Energy as a Service.

bernhard connect

To streamline information about Bernhard Connect, their proprietary cloud-based platform, we helped refine the list of service offerings, developed updated icons and scripted an animated explainer video to showcase the features and benefits of the platform in an easily digestible format.

a bunch of blue and white icons on a transparent background
a cityscape with text that reads connect benefits better patient care in hospitals, lower tuition in schools, better return on your investments.a man standing in front of a display of data

Bringing the Past to the Present

SASSO created a brand story video that showcases Bernhard’s past and vision for the next 100 years as a strategy to support the brand during a merger. The video features CEO Ed Tinsley, historical photos of the original Bernhard Mechanical and footage of the company’s current team and clients.