Drew Brees holding a Smoothie King cup on a football field


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When Smoothie King decided to focus on cleaner blending, they needed to shift their platform to focus on the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle. Their brand became a perfect fit for Drew Brees.

Through purposeful collaboration in video and creative assets, we showed how Smoothie King is a key piece of what you need to #RuleTheDay.

Fit for a King

As Smoothie King’s new MVP, Drew Brees became a Brand Ambassador and face for their #RuleTheDay campaign. We showcased Drew’s authentic personality as he naturally engaged with Smoothie King products and highlighted the benefits of their recipes.

Drew Brees and Stan Levy, Founder of SASSO Agency, on the set of a Smoothie King commercialDrew Brees holding a smoothie in front of a table full of fruits and vegetablesDrew Brees sitting on a production set in front of a white screenDrew Brees sitting in a stadium with a red shirt on, holding a Smoothie King cupDrew Brees sitting on-top of a wooden stool next to Stan Levy inside of a production shootDrew Brees standing on a field holding a smoothie king cup

share the lifestyle

To extend the reach of the #RuleTheDay campaign, Smoothie King developed window banners, billboards, signage, social campaigns and more using the creative assets SASSO produced during the video shoot.

Drew Brees holding a Smoothie King cup. Also shows two cell phones next to a computer screen
a Smoothie King store front with a car parked in front of ita yellow building with a poster of 
Drew Brees holding a smoothiea poster of Drew Brees holding a smoothie king cupa smoothie cup with a straw in it next to a smoothie king sign


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a row of smoothie cups with straws in them