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Revealing your best smile has never been easier. With nearly 400 locations across 28 states, Smile Doctors is the largest network of orthodontists in the country. With so many at-home options available to consumers, Smile Express Invisalign® needed to find a way to position themselves as a premiere aligner.

After an extensive discovery workshop, our team developed a distinctive unboxing strategy and a new Smile Express brand look, including an upgraded packaging design and a multi-faceted marketing campaign to get more patients smiling.

Let’s Get You Smiling

Our first opportunity to help the Smile Express brand stand out was with the package of aligners shipped directly to a patient’s home. SASSO created a personal and informational unboxing experience for the aligner packaging.

the contents of a travel kit including a toothbrush, toothpaste, and
an open box with a message on itan assortment of personal care items displayed on an orange background

A Smile Just for You

Our design was created to make patients feel special. Since each Smile Express box is shipped from a local orthodontist, we added a blank line for office members to handwrite the patient’s name on the intro envelope inside so they’re greeted with a personalized experience.

a close up of a business card in a box

How to Smile Express

No one likes to read instructions, so our How-To Guides make learning about the aligner process visually appealing and easy to understand. We created a series of care tips, FAQs and patient support cards to serve as a quick introduction to the aligners. 

a close up of a stack of business cards

Inspire Expression

Our goal was to inspire our audience to reveal their best smiles with a transformative brand experience. Our Express Yourself campaign empowered patients to imagine how they would feel after revealing their best smiles using Smile Express Invisalign®.

a laptop and a phone on an orange background
a series of advertising flyers for smile express
a couple of cell phones with a woman and man on them