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The healthcare software industry is a saturated market, especially in the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) space. Dr. Steven Spedale, a world renowned neonatologist, saw a hole he knew he could fill as he worked countless hours as a hands-on physician frustrated by the lack of viable options. However, before he could go to market with PediNotes, his EMR software offering, he knew he needed a brand and marketing plan that would correlate how doctors and staff could provide better care to patients. His brand and communications would need to attract attention from the C-Suite and CIO audiences.

SASSO quickly realized the complexity of PediNotes and determined humanizing the brand would correlate better data means better care for these tiniest of patients. We broke down these complexities into a more digestible format that clearly highlighted the differentiators of the software. Utilizing Dr. Spedale as an expert in this field helped put a voice behind the brand. We then developed and executed a multi-year communications strategy using explainer animations, event marketing, public relations, digital, direct mail, email marketing and much more.

Better Data. Better Branding.

When developing the PediNotes brand, we recognized the need to provide potential users with a deeper understanding of the product's functionality and practical applications as well as the personal approach to patient care. We went back to basics to conquer the depth of information provided.

brand positioning

We knew we needed to be very strategic and distinctive in our approach to this product and overall branding. By highlighting Dr. Steven Spedale, an already established and credible industry wave-maker, we capitalized on our marketing and PR efforts. 

PediNotes Personality

SASSO developed a campaign that personifies the unique qualities of the PediNotes software through a clever and bold series of cards, designed to get the attention of specifically targeted decision makers in the healthcare industry.

a blue and orange background with a speech bubble and an image of a machine that says: "see for yourself what I can do! Try a demo!"
a blue and green background with a speech bubble that says: "don't spend time digging for data."
a blue and white background with a speech bubble and an image of a machine
a red and blue background with a speech bubble that says do you know what i'm capable of?
A Pedinotes banner with the words "What stole your time today?"

Driving an Online Conversation

Focusing on Twitter and LinkedIn, we created a content strategy to highlight the unique values of PediNotes and provide invaluable information in an easily-digestible format.




in open rates of email marketing campaign




in direct sales leads