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How do you know you need an upgrade? POWERADE® POWER YOUR SCHOOL and POWERADE® POWER THROUGH™ were campaigns designed to boost sales through a contest for high school athletic programs. To achieve success, POWERADE® needed to reach an under-tapped market of young consumers and create a localized sense of involvement.

SASSO had to inspire a sense of fun to engage student athletes. Our research showed that the younger demographic has shorter attention spans and are constantly distracted on their mobile devices, so we had to get our message out quickly and effectively. We leaned on humor to achieve the outcome we needed and created punchy, bold content that would cut through the noise and reach students as well as faculty and parents.

funny but true

The POWERADE® POWER YOUR SCHOOL contest encourages schools to enter to win cash to upgrade their team, so we harnessed the comedic charm of our favorite coach to inspire more entrants. This character was created to personify that motivating coach all students know too well.

power your school

SASSO helped POWERADE® bring a more intimate, regional approach to this national campaign with fresh in-store creative displays, exciting video content and on-site activation events. We drove the message heavily through many types of digital and social media.

Power Through to Win

POWERADE® POWER THROUGH™ was designed to boost sales through community engagement. We inspired students to create user generated content (UGC) in the form of video-entries and written essays for their chance to win.

you can't win if you don’t enter

With campaign success measured largely by the number of contest entries, SASSO knew the digital entry box had to be eye-catching with simple functionality.




20oz 12-Pack Sales




20oz 8-Pack Sales







Video Through Play
than Industry Average