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Coca-Cola’s Dreamworld was created to take its Gen-Z drinkers head-first into a Metaverse of flavor. Their message was clear: the limited edition drink is imaginative and unexpected. But how do you share that message with a new generation of consumers?

Because 93% of Gen-Z report engaging with social media, SASSO determined that the path to this audience would be a tailored influencer campaign. With the help of our strategically-matched influencers, we developed a social media campaign to meet this audience where they are.

dreamy goals

By sending Dreamworld influencer and PR kits to creators in select target markets, we aimed to increase brand awareness while developing a positive online user sentiment toward the Dreamworld brand.

a collage of photos of a woman holding a can of soda

the plan

For this campaign, SASSO wanted to emphasize the importance of influencers creating organic content their individual audiences would react or engage with. We strategically did not add any boosts to this campaign, creating an initial view of reach and engagement without the aid of paid media dollars.

tailoring the content

Based on the research of our target audiences and client goals, we tailored our requests to each influencer based on the type of content they typically create. For some, that was reacting to the flavor, while others it was involving the product in their everyday creative lifestyle. We asked influencers to post their stories, feed posts and Reels on a rolling basis.

a group of white clouds floating in the air



lower CPM

than the national
average for organic
influencer content




*Over double the national
average for branded content.



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