two men in MMR safety vests standing in front of a metal structure


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With revenue well over $1billion, MMR has established itself as a global leader in instrumentation and electrical construction. Their leaders recognized they needed to evolve their identity and how they positioned both the brand and core service offerings.

We packaged MMR’s immense line of services and industries in a way that resonates with its target audience, creating multilingual assets that reflected the strength of MMR’s brand and supported its sales force across international markets.

Next-Level Tools

SASSO’s strategy was to re-evaluate and organize MMR’s existing content in a way that was sumptuous and compelling. This modern 35-page showpiece told the story of professionalism and eloquence.

A red MMR brochurea book opened to a page with a picture of a factory

Shooting the Story

To support MMR’s brochure layout and capture assets for the industrial leader’s website redesign, SASSO conducted multiple custom photography shoots. Our environmental photography coupled with shots of MMR employees in action helped create compelling visual stories.

a large white box sitting inside of a warehouse
a group of people standing around each other
a man in a hard hat is working on a machine
a man working with a grinder on a piece of metal
a group of people standing around a table, pointing at a blueprint
a couple of cameras that are on top of a pole
A MMR technician screwing in parts of an IT system

Say it with Video

If a picture tells a thousand words, then a video tells a million. Through the power of film and storytelling, SASSO shared stories from the employees at the heart of the firm’s success.

an open book with a picture of an oil rig

Reaching Native Audiences

As a key international player in its industry, MMR needed a presence to support its South America clientele and Ecuadorian and Venezuelan offices to ensure nothing was lost in translation.

A Gateway to Opportunities

MMR needed a website as progressive as the company itself – one that reflected its position as an industry leader. The new, easy-to-navigate site captures the depth and breadth of the firm’s services to create more opportunities online.

a web page on a computer and a web page on a tablet