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Coca-Cola is one of the most beloved brands in the world, but they still have to work hard to stay relevant and top of mind while still finding new customers. One of the most effective ways to maintain popularity is by introducing new and innovative products to fans. Driving pillar campaigns and introducing new campaigns with exciting products became challenging. Additionally, Coca-Cola recognized they needed to fill employment gaps and better compete with other large employers in the talent recruitment battle.

Whether it’s pillar campaigns, like football or holiday, new product launches or HR recruitment campaigns, SASSO works with this iconic brand to deliver growth. Developing creative and driving robust paid media campaigns through a strategic multi-channel approach has proven to be successful in effectively reaching both current and new consumers as well as potential employees.

Bold Flavor. Bold Marketing.

SASSO has become one of Coca-Cola’s chief marketing allies over the years. We facilitated the launch of new products like Orange Vanilla Coke, Coke Zero Sugar and Coke Energy, using creative and media placement to help ensure the new product’s exposure was big and bold.

a can of orange vanilla sodaa billboard with two bottles of orange vanilla Coca-Cola on it
a large advertisement for a coca-cola energy drrink on the wall.a red Coca Cola energy drink ad on a billboard by the entrance of a subway

Nationally Refreshing

We worked with Coca-Cola to develop innovative ways to spread their well-established campaigns, like Share a Coke, by evaluating and segmenting out audience groups.

a coca cola advertisement with a person holding a coke bottlea man and a woman sharing a coke
a man and a woman sitting next to each other near a poola collage of photos of people and a bottle of soda
a girl opening a bottle of Coca Cola in front of a doora red cooler filled with lots of bottles of Coca Cola
a wooden table topped with bottles of Coca Cola next to a christmas treea person in blue hospital scrubs holding a bottle of Coca Cola
a girl standing in front of a house holding a bottle of Coca Colaa child playing on a game console on the sofa and another child laying on the floor in front of a christmas tree
a coca - cola advertisement is displayed on a billboarda coca - cola advertisement is displayed on a billboard with the words "contains delicious" on it
a coca - cola can with the words no sugar yes delicious


As the longest presenting sponsor of the ESSENCE Festival, Coca-Cola has supported the event for nearly 25 years. SASSO helped present the partnership between Coca-Cola and ESSENCE through unique placement of media leading up to and throughout the event in key markets like Atlanta, Birmingham, New Orleans and others.

a yellow background with the words 25 essence festivala Coca Cola poster on the side of a train stationa red and yellow trolley car with people in it and a Coca Cola banner on the side of itA collection of bike and wagons with a Coca-Cola advertisement on the back of it
a billboard with two women drinking coca - cola

Holiday-Flavored Cocktails

To promote the holiday flavors, we created cocktail recipe videos featuring holiday beverages and other items that can be found at grocery stores. Our team then leveraged these videos in social media campaigns to drive consumer engagement and sales.

Bottling Happiness

With so many new product offerings, Coca-Cola needed a strong team to keep up with customer demand. In the years since the pandemic, recruiting quality applicants has been a challenge for many companies, including Coca-Cola. SASSO assisted by developing a compelling Hiring Campaign for their UNITED region, using the idea that all employees have a role to play in “bottling happiness” to position Coca-Cola UNITED as a premier employer.

Culture is Everything

We leaned into the importance of company culture and collected authentic accounts of Coca-Cola’s culture to showcase the distinct culture Coca-Cola has over its competitors. This helped potential applicants envision themselves as a member of the team and understand the unique benefits of employment. 

a couple of people standing in front of a computera woman in a red jacket standing in a store
a stack of coca cola bottle wrappers sitting on top of a tabletwo men standing next to each other in a factory
a man sitting in the drivers seat of a coca cola trucka woman wearing glasses and a coca cola t - shirt
a close up of a bunch of bottle of sodasa woman standing in front of a podium talking
a man holding a bottle of coca - cola in a grocery store
a woman in a red jacket holding a red tableta man holding a box of coke in a store

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