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The topic of sewer is not glamorous. So when Ascension Sewer was developed to improve the quality of the parish’s environment, community and economy, the question became, “How do you make sewer appealing?”. The community had failed for years to pass any kind of improvements to their sewer system. 

SASSO inspired Ascension Parish residents to do something previously unthinkable: care about sewage. We recognized that many people don’t care what happens after you flush and that we would need to demonstrate to residents why they should. Our We Care campaign highlighted the parish’s sewage problems, educated residents about Ascension Sewer’s solution, and inspired them to care about initiating change and advocating to their friends and neighbors.

when sewer calls

Who cares about sewage? As our team dove into campaign strategy, we realized we had to find a way to not only engage and educate our target audience, but also give them a reason to care. We utilized the headline “Who Cares?” to help residents discover that they actually do care about cleaning up Ascension’s sewer system.

Together for a Better Tomorrow

The local National Water Infrastructure (NWI) needed to introduce Ascension Sewer to the parish in a way that would resonate. We planned and executed a video to share their vision with the Ascension Parish community across their website and social media platforms.


Once we piqued the community’s interest through Who Cares?, we needed to create a groundswell of support. The second phase of our campaign evolved our message into I Care and We Care to inspire further community engagement.


The final phase involved growing awareness for Ascension Sewer’s plan for a better tomorrow. Our team developed a powerful media strategy to blitz the market, ongoing social media content, email campaigns, promotional materials, grassroots community events and more.



of votes in favor of Ascension Sewer


by the people of the Ascension community