SASSO Wins Five Healthcare Advertising Awards

SASSO has been honored to receive five Healthcare Advertising Awards for exceptional work on the Together We Triumph campaign for Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center. Combining expertise in creative campaign planning and media strategy, SASSO successfully developed a fully integrated effort to maximize impact. Every aspect of the campaign, from the initial concept to the careful selection of a diverse range of media channels, was crafted to effectively connect with and captivate the target audience of Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center. 

In the 40th Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards, SASSO received a Gold award for the online display ad, Silver awards for the digital video ad and television advertising-series and Bronze awards for the television advertising-single and total advertising campaign.

Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center is Louisiana’s leading cancer care organization that has a mission to improve survivorship and lessen the burden of cancer by providing its patients with access to state-of-the-art treatments, specialized physicians and a vast array of support services. With a primary goal of brand awareness, our campaign concept capitalizes on Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center’s core brand elements to help increase brand recognizability and interest. Together We Triumph, the campaign’s tagline, highlights the idea of togetherness and the many positive outcomes made possible by its focus on cancer care. By showing a patient’s journey, along with all the support they receive from caregivers at Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center, the Together We Triumph campaign humanizes cancer care and encourages the target audience to feel empowered, assured and hopeful.

The Together We Triumph campaign encompasses a captivating video execution that meticulously traces a patient's transformative journey, focusing on touchpoints they encounter with the devoted caregivers at Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center. By strategically planning the video production at Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center in Baton Rouge, we had the privilege of showcasing real patient navigators, nurses and physicians who interact with cancer patients for an authentic look at the organization, its specialists and its innovative technology.

SASSO’s work was recognized out of over 4,300 entries, making the awards the largest and the most well-recognized healthcare advertising awards competition. A national panel of judges were engaged in reviewing all entries based on creativity, quality, message effectiveness, consumer appeal, graphic design and overall impact. To view the complete listing of winners, visit the Healthcare Advertising Awards website.

For more details, you are encouraged to review our case study to learn more about our Together We Triumph campaign and Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center.

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