Seeing Your Community Through A Different Lens

As 2017 began unfolding, we were tasked to tackle the 2016 Annual Report for the Center For Planning Excellence (CPEX). CPEX brings people, culture, and planning together to make great communities happen.

Our main goal for the report was to challenge readers, primarily community leaders and members, to see their community problems and the solutions CPEX provides through a different lens.

Through our creative process, we brainstormed different ways in which people view the world around them. We were inspired by the way decoder glasses provide a fun and new perspective to the world around us, as well as made us feel like a kid again.

Through the use of color screening and color-blocking, we arranged the layout of the annual report to provide a fun, vibrant and creative energy. Paired with the effect of our red decoder glasses, the annual report began to come to life. In collaboration with the CPEX team, we tailored the annual report content in a more approachable way, making the information fun and easy to digest, while immersing the reader into a unique nostalgic experience. The final piece was not only memorable and unique, but it sets up CPEX for future success for years to come.  


Our design team created an insignia that was placed at the bottom of the pages where readers needed to be prompted to put on their red decoder glasses. Each booklet was mailed with its own pair of glasses.

We also strategically placed the bookmark on the donors section of the annual report to encourage readers to consider sponsoring and donating to CPEX in the future.

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