SASSO Shines Bright: Eight Wins at the Communicator Awards

SASSO is proud to announce our remarkable success at 2023’s edition of the prestigious The Communicator Awards. We have received an outstanding total of eight accolades across various categories, further solidifying our commitment to excellence and creativity in the field. The awards were given to campaigns from three different clients: Coca-Cola, b1BANK and Bernhard.

The Communicator Awards, sanctioned and reviewed by The Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts (AIVA), is an internationally recognized competition honoring outstanding creative work in advertising, marketing and communications, attracting over 3,000 entries from top agencies and professionals worldwide annually. This year, SASSO's campaigns caught the attention of the esteemed panel of judges among many other distinguished winners including Bank of America, PBS, Pepsico and AARP.

"We are thrilled and honored to be recognized with eight prestigious awards from The Communicator Awards," said Stan Levy, our Founder and CEO. "These accolades are a testament to the hard work, creativity and dedication of our talented team. We remain committed to pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional results for our clients."

Our success at The Communicator Awards follows awards given earlier this month at the Healthcare Advertising Awards, where we took home an additional five awards for our work on Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center’s “Together We Triumph” campaign. The string of recent victories exemplifies our dedication to delivering innovative solutions that generate influence and forge lasting relationships between brands and their target audiences.

Our aim is to deliver compelling solutions to all our clients. If you have an upcoming project that could benefit from impactful and award-worthy work, please don't hesitate to contact us at

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