Get Your Thinking Caps On

Our first swing at creating promotional SWAG for our agency’s new identity ...

...was recently put into play for Walk-On’s First Annual L.I.F.E. Conference. We wanted to create something that people would not only utilize, but something with which they would connect and interact. Out of that desire, we created the SASSO Thinking Caps...and they were a HIT!

This concept was developed to make the guests at the conference feel geared up for success as a SASSO team player. We wanted to convey the idea that, together, our partnership could help drive their brand's growth as they expand across the country.

“Uncap your brand’s full potential with our SASSO Thinking Cap. As a SASSO team player, together we can strategize, create and develop mindful solutions for your brand’s success.”

The thinking caps were a limited edition run. There are only a handful left. If you're lucky, there may be one for you!


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