The Brief

When Walk-On’s Bistreaux & Bar founder Brandon Landry and co-owner Drew Brees announced plans to expand the brand’s footprint nationally through franchising, they knew they needed a creative partner to execute a full brand campaign that would be utilized in both mature and new markets. SASSO joined the team to develop and execute an integrated multi-media campaign becoming their brand steward and AOR for all of their marketing efforts.


Big Brand. Big Burger. Big Voice.

When you already have Drew Brees and mouthwatering Louisiana cuisine, how can you make an ad even bigger? With narration by Morgan Freeman (celebrity voice impersonator), that’s how!

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The best of both worlds

Walk-On's is not just a great sports bar that serves food. It's not just a great restaurant that also has sports. Instead, Walk-On's is a unique dining experience complimented by a true game day environment. SASSO's TV direction gave viewers a mouthwatering taste of both.


an eye for detail

As a new player in franchising, Walk-On's needed a high-end branding spot to anchor its marketing toolkit. SASSO left nothing to chance and accounted for even the smallest details to ensure a home run.


A moment with nfl superstar Drew brees



a peek inside the huddle

Every game day, NFL quarterback Drew Brees motivates his team with a pre-game pep talk. SASSO drew inspiration from that ritual and incorporated it as the theme for the limited time offerings campaign.


Prepping for what's next

Founder Brandon Landry's journey from the basketball bench to successful restauranteur is a genuine American Dream story. To tell the story in a way that inspired others, SASSO conceptualized, wrote and produced a video that incorporated authentic conversations with Brandon and a few of his biggest fans. Among them were national television personalities, a legendary basketball coach, successful businessmen and a true sports hero. 


a picture says a thousand words


down to brass tacks

Our client's success is always our main goal and SASSO is always happy to go the extra mile to get the win — even when it involves things like designing and constructing a full kitchen set.


this season's mvp 

Every year, it's a given — the most valuable present of the holiday season is a Walk-On's gift card. SASSO conceptualized and produced an in-store animation promo reel featuring hand animated action.