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The Brief

Since 2012, Superior Seafood has been a favorite for New Orleans locals and tourists visiting the city. However, the brand’s publicity did not properly reflect its popularity. Superior Seafood tasked SASSO to overcome this challenge, which meant helping Superior compete with century-old culinary staples in a city known for outstanding dining and spirits. We dove deep to identify and create something for Superior Seafood that would differentiate it and build buzz around the brand. Through multiple ideations and research, we recognized its unique twist on a classic cocktail was just the way to do it. Thus, the Original Frozen French 75 was born. We created a special brand and campaign for this iconic drink, driven by national PR efforts that got the attention of both fans and media outlets.


Let The Good Times Pour

What makes this drink enticing and intriguing? Let your taste buds watch and enjoy.

Tasteful Design

As we went into discovery, we wanted to explore a brand that reflected the style of the drink’s origin but with a design sophistication unique to New Orleans. The brand utilized our “Adaptive” brand approach where we do more than a mark, but one that is built with versatility and unique styles that allows it to adapt to any brand need and gives more character and intentional use of the mark.


A New Orleans Classic Reimagined

One of the key components to our campaign was developing a showcase video on the drink that explained its origin story along with the right visuals to complement its refreshing nature.

Crisp & Refreshing Branding

To match the new twist on a classic drink, we gave it the modern site it deserved to allow customers to learn and experience the drink in a special and responsive way.