The Simple Way to Sell More in 2019


In the Philippines, they wear polka dots. In Latin America, they swallow 12 grapes in less than 60 seconds. In Denmark, the whole family climbs on top of chairs and jumps off into January at the stroke of midnight. Depending on where in the world you find yourself on New Year’s Eve, the strategy for leaping into a lucky new year will look a little different. 

By the same token, the strategy for reaching your target audience will shift depending on who you’re solving problems for – other businesses (B2B), or consumers (B2C). We can’t recommend relying on superstitions, but we can harness data on consumer behavior and decision making to help you create a better, more competitive sales process. 

A Little Courtship Goes A Long Way 

In the dating world, we form relationships that lead to love and happy engagements. In the marketing industry, it’s just the opposite. Consumers need to get engaged, even woo’d a bit, before committing seriously to your brand and making a purchase. For this reason, we coach clients about branding with consistency. Every interaction with your brand, whether it’s a digital ad, radio commercial, or sending prospective clients to your website, reinforces what they think of you or what you want them to think. 

One of the most essential parts of this courtship for any business, especially one with B2B sales, is lead nurturing. Lead nurturing explores strategies that reach prospects and deliver value throughout the buyer’s journey. Some of the multi-channel nurturing tactics we use are:

  • Digital retargeting

  • Creating strategic landing pages

  • E-mail marketing

  • Crafting content for your target market

Since only a small portion of your inbound leads are ready to make an immediate purchase, up to 90% of your leads are in danger of being left in limbo. It’s up to you and your marketing team to reel them in. 

50% More Sales, Anyone?

Here are the two pieces to the lead nurturing puzzle that will interest you the most. First, data from Forrester Research tells us companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales at a 33% lower cost. Considering that this process can be automated, the ROI potential is significant.

Second, the odds say your competitors aren’t keeping pace. Slightly more than one third of B2B companies had a lead nurturing system in place in 2018. In other words, they are marketing like it’s 1999. Much like a caveman trying to light a fire with sticks and straw, businesses are neglecting sophisticated ways to build consumer relationships. 

This neglect could be your opportunity, as long as you’re adequately prepared. We’ve seen too many companies make the mistake of investing in marketing without clearly defined value propositions and customer personas. Whether you have five thousand dollars to spend on digital marketing in Baton Rouge, LA, or five million for national TV spots, your solid brand foundation must be established first to see the best return. It’s impossible to design a worthwhile process for media spend and lead cultivation before you can verbalize with certainty who exactly you’re targeting and why that decision maker should view your offering as superior. 

After all, advertising to anyone and everyone is a lot like leaping off a chair in hopes you’ll fall into good luck. It might make for a great family photo, yet it's not a solid plan for business growth. We recommend staying faithful to time-tested marketing strategies that integrate technology, consistency, and the core of your brand’s unique value. 

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