Senior Media Buyer/Planner


How do you navigate the market today?

“Anyone even loosely associated with media knows the times they are a changin’. The way people are consuming content is continuing to evolve. Gone are the days where someone has to get up from their La-Z-Boy to turn a knob on their TV to watch Jessica Fletcher in Murder, She Wrote on Sunday nights, as a family. Angela Lansbury (Jessica Fletcher, for the poor souls who weren’t privileged enough to grow up on the show) can still be seen but now via DVD or even “streamed” via an internet connection coupled with a popular media streaming behemoth.  

Media fragmentation is a very real struggle. It’s been a goal of mine to not just keep up with the changing environment but embrace and strategically lead the digital video charge. OTT is no longer an optional place to spend video ad dollars but rather a no-brainer way to reach in-market consumers where and when they are consuming video content.”

If you’re going to hit into a double play, at least have the good sense to strike out…
— Legendary Baltimore Orioles manager, Earl Weaver


  • First professional negotiating experience was a licensing agreement with Microsoft; saved $1.8mil

  • 10 years Tier 2 and 3 automotive advertising/buying experience

  • Enjoys waking up at 4am to go crabbing

  • If he retired today, he’d start a farm and live off the land

  • Still uses Hotmail as primary email account