The Brief

Before Dr. Steven Spedale could introduce his Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software to the market, he needed a brand that matched the product capabilities and spoke to its key target audiences. SASSO developed and executed a strategy that communicated the high-tech applications and capabilities of the patient care tool in a way that was consistent with the personality of the caregiver. With the launch and national rollout of this technology, better data and better care have never been so clearly tied to one another…until now.


Byte-Sized Details 

When SASSO developed the brand to launch this new Electronic Medical Records software, we recognized the need to provide potential users with a deeper understanding of the products functionality and practical applications.


Better Data. Better Branding

To build this brand from the ground up, we went back to basics to conquer the depth of information provided. SASSO used the information gathered to create an identity that reflected the technical capabilities of the product, but also touched on its personal approach to patient care.  



Customized illustration and icon system


you've got mail

SASSO built a strategic plan for both email and direct mail marketing to establish an ongoing stream of communication with users and keep them up-to-date on the latest product enhancements.