Copywriter & Storyteller

Juan Simoneaux

What makes you great at what you do?

"I like to talk a lot, and I’m good at it. But I’m also really good at listening and observing. That’s what makes me a great storyteller. I love to learn about people and their stories: why they do what they do, what motivated them to go into business, what their vision was when they started out, and how does that compare to what it is now. I think every brand has a story and a personality. It’s what ultimately connects them to their customers. The better we can help tell that story and shine a light on that personality through everything they do, the more able our clients are to establish committed relationships with their customers. Like I said, I’m a great storyteller.
Real change is a conscious choice, not an uncontrollable occurrence.
— Unknown


  • Led the in-house creative team to grow the Raising Cane’s brand from a local restaurant into a national industry powerhouse
  • Held seats on the franchise advisory and marketing boards of an upstart, rapidly growing international video gaming franchise
  • Created award-winning advertising and marketing campaigns for one of the largest OB/GYN hospitals in the U.S
  • Owns a successful online T-shirt business reflecting the Cajun culture
  • Hates to wear socks