The Brief

The massive challenge of protecting and restoring the coastline of Louisiana isn’t a new problem, but the solutions being developed by Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA) are cutting edge for the world.  Land loss in its simplest form has wide level awareness, yet its full impact is often seen as merely a local or industry-specific concern. To help correct this misconception, CPRA approached SASSO to develop a strategic communications plan that would deliver the story in a digestible and relatable style. 


A message that hits home

How do you engage people in a battle against a problem seemingly too far away to physically see, touch or feel? You give it human qualities that anyone can empathize with and relate to. SASSO did just that with a story-driven animation spot.


Details, details, details

Geographically, the problem of Louisiana's coastal erosion is relatively small. Its effect, though, stretches to every corner of the United States and beyond. Relating that story far and wide called for extreme attention to detail.

Early Character development

Early Character development

Visualizing the finished product

Passing time

To visually depict the long-term and far-reaching effects of coastal erosion, SASSO produced a series of short animated videos.