Interactive Director

brian rivet

What drives you to do what you do?

"I really enjoy the problem-solving aspects of what I do. Each website project or design project is a puzzle for me to work out. Being able to find ways to solve problems for clients and help bring their vision to the web is exciting to me. I also really enjoy the fact that I get to use code and programming to create art and compelling design. It’s kind of like science meeting art. I also like working in a team and collaborating with other creatives. It’s nice to draw on the strengths of those you work with and also contribute to their success as well. That’s also part of why I teach."

Learning Never Exhausts the Mind
— Leonardo daVinci


  • Over 19 years of experience in the graphic design/web design field

  • Teaches Web Design at LSU

  • Has a portfolio of clients at the local, regional and national level in industries ranging from alcohol to telecommunications

  • Operated a successful freelance design practice for over seven years

  • Star Trek Super Freak

  • Been horseback riding in the Gobi Desert

  • Counts MacGyver (the original) as a personal role model