The Brief

When the SASSO team first sat down with Alma Grown founder, David Stewart, there was no business model, no brand and no product. The only thing that existed was David's vision for introducing a totally new product, Louisiana Cane Juice, to the cold-pressed juice category. SASSO brought that vision to life from the ground up by developing a full brand identity, creating a go-to-market strategy, coordinating product development and flavor profile testing, and creating a full scope of packaging, marketing collateral, sales tools and website experience. 


Growing an Authentic brand

The word "authenticity" has become almost cliché, especially in our own industry. However, it's the perfect word to describe Alma Grown's founder and his approach to business. This lifelong sugarcane grower truly loves what he does and his willingness to allow SASSO to share in his joy made this branding journey one well worth traveling. 

With a story worth telling and full trust from the client, SASSO set out to discover and personify the brand to develop supporting creative elements for the product that tell a story all their own.



discovering the possibilities

Allowing ourselves to imagine the possibility of what could be is the grandest part of the branding process. SASSO used a disciplined approach to creatively balance a progressive look and feel with a true sense of authenticity. Bold colors and custom illustration gave life to flavor profiles and proved to be a perfect blend to trigger consumer senses. 

Always Satisfying. Always Alma Grown.

Flavors worth trying. Taste worth remembering.  


Personifying the Brand

Once SASSO developed the core elements and personality, we proceeded to create the overall brand feeling. A sense of old world charm anchored the Alma Grown logo while allowing for versatility across other brand assets. 


Going to market

SASSO worked in partnership with the client and a national food consultant to create a go-to-market strategy to ensure optimal initial distribution. We also developed every aspect of the website, making sure it was reflective of the brand's homegrown roots.